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Students at Lakewood City Academy are doing more than just improving their minds at school, they are also improving their health.

A “Wellness Program” aimed at getting students to institute healthier lifestyles, kicked off in September. The program, put together by principal Terri Bornino-Elwell, staff member Renee Kolecki, and school nurses Peggy Brown and Katy Corrigan, started with an 11-week Weight Watchers program. Fourteen students and one parent participated in the weekly program and the group together lost 130 pounds with the highest weight loss of nine pounds.

The program is now continuing through the rest of the year with wellness sessions hosted by the Cleveland Clinic. Guest speakers will address topics such as sleep & wellness, nutrition, stress management and other topics relating to adolescent years.

The Wellness Program has been well received by all involved and LCA hopes to build on the first-year success.

“We are very pleased with what we have put together and hope that we can do even more next year,” said Bornino-Elwell.