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Any student who meets the prerequisites, to take advanced and Advanced Placement classes can do so at Lakewood High School. LHS provides many rigorous courses, and with the consent of parents and teachers, students may pursue an advanced level sequence throughout high school.  Please see the course listings for Advanced Placement Courses to the right of this page.


News from National Honor Society:
  Character  Scholarship  Leadership  Service

2013-2014 National Honor Society officers:

President                 Cooper Brown
Vice President        Zach Sanderson
Secretary                 Sameena Khan
Treasurer                 Colin Levis
Sergeant-at-arms   Nicholas LaCerva
NHS Selection Process:

The National Honor Society is a national organization for the recognition of students with outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  To be considered for selection into the National Honor Society, a Lakewood High School junior or senior must meet the following criteria:

~Student has earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.500.
~Student has submitted a letter of interest and a resume of activities to support leadership and service (by an established deadline).

Candidates will be rated by LHS staff based on leadership, service, and character. Final selection into the National Honor Society shall be by a majority vote of the Lakewood High School NHS Faculty Advisory Council, the members of which are appointed annually by the principal.
Please note: To be eligible for consideration, students must be enrolled at LHS for at least one semester immediately preceding the selection process. 

Dismissal from NHS:

Members who fall below the standards, which were the basis for their selection, shall be promptly warned by the chapter advisor or principal and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency (poor grades and/or lack of participation in chapter’s activities). In the case of flagrant or continued violations of school rules or civic laws, a member does not necessarily have to be warned prior to being dismissed. However, in all cases of impending dismissal, a member shall have the right to a hearing before the NHS Faculty Council.


1.  Some of the highly selective colleges require or strongly recommend that students take several SAT Subject Tests as well as the SAT Reasoning Test. Students who plan to apply to these colleges should check specific college catalogs for admission requirements. Keep in mind that students may register for either the SAT Reasoning Test or up to three SAT Subject Tests on one test date. The SAT Subject Tests are listed and explained in the SAT Registration Bulletin available in the Guidance Office and online at collegeboard.com. It is recommended that students take these subject tests at the end of a particular course. For example, students who are currently enrolled in AP Chemistry may want to take the Chemistry SAT Subject Test at the end of this school year.

2. Seniors, please be sure to check deadlines for scholarships and college applications. Timelines may be different for each scholarship opportunity as well as for college admission/application procedures. College web sites are valuable resources for up-to-date information.





AP Credit Policy

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