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Any student who meets the prerequisites to take advanced and Advanced Placement classes can do so at Lakewood High School. LHS provides many rigorous courses, and with the consent of parents and teachers, students may pursue an advanced level sequence throughout high school.  

What are the Courses Available?
C;ick here for a course listing and descriptions.

What are the Benefits?The AP Program allows students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. The academic rigors of these courses provide students an opportunity to proceed at a faster pace and develop and strengthen academic talents.

Students learn subjects in depth, refine analytical reasoning skills, and form disciplined study habits that will contribute to their success in college. Further, along with academic performance, the most significant factor in college admissions decisions is the strength and rigor of a student's curriculum.  AP courses are recognized and valued for their quality, depth and rigor.

Who Should Apply?
The AP Program is for students who possess intellectual curiosity and who seek intellectual growth. Reading and homework assignment expectations for AP classes are extensive. Students are expected to perform at the college level, particularly in the areas of writing, reading for analysis and synthesis, and test taking. Term papers and class projects are also expected. Students are cautioned to consider what impact the combination of employment, extracurricular activities, home responsibilities and course load might have on their academic success.  Students interested in Advanced Placement courses should consult with their class teacher, counselor, or the AP Coordinator.

How Does a Student Apply?
Students apply through the AP Coordinator's office in mid-January.  Academic departments notify students through their classes when AP applications are available.

What About the Exams?

In May, the AP examinations are administered at Lakewood High School. The examinations are a blend of multiple-choice questions and a free-response section, a structure specifically designed to measure the full range and depth of the students' knowledge in each subject area. Examinations are approximately three hours long, and a standard fee is charged for each one. Fee reductions may be available to students who demonstrate financial need.



1.  Some of the highly selective colleges require or strongly recommend that students take several SAT Subject Tests as well as the SAT Reasoning Test. Students who plan to apply to these colleges should check specific college catalogs for admission requirements. Keep in mind that students may register for either the SAT Reasoning Test or up to three SAT Subject Tests on one test date. The SAT Subject Tests are listed and explained in the SAT Registration Bulletin available in the Guidance Office and online at collegeboard.com. It is recommended that students take these subject tests at the end of a particular course. For example, students who are currently enrolled in AP Chemistry may want to take the Chemistry SAT Subject Test at the end of this school year.

2. Seniors, please be sure to check deadlines for scholarships and college applications. Timelines may be different for each scholarship opportunity as well as for college admission/application procedures. College web sites are valuable resources for up-to-date information.



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